Azerbaijani commandos rise as new deterrent force

Blue berets, mostly trained in Turkiye, receive all-around war training, displaying new strength of country's military.

Azerbaijani commandos rise as new deterrent force

Azerbaijani commando teams, formed as part of efforts to restructure the army in accordance with the model of the Turkish Armed Forces, continue to hone their skills. 

These blue beret commandos, most of whom were trained in Turkiye to respond to any war situation, are one of the country's deterrent forces and new military strengths.

The force trains in a difficult natural environment and climate in the town of Hadrut, which was liberated from Armenian occupation in 2020.

Engaging in activities including sports, mountaineering and climbing on a daily basis to prepare for difficult situations, the commandos are also receiving sniper training to hit far-off targets.

Besides these mountainous regions, they also train in urban areas to be ready to face all kinds of scenarios, including to eliminate terrorists hiding in residential homes and rescue hostages.