Uzbekistan bans Ramadan dinner in restaurants

For the first time in Uzbekistan's history, the customary of breaking fast at sundown during the Ramadan period is being banned from mosques and restaurants in an effort to prevent "show".

Uzbekistan bans Ramadan dinner in restaurants

World Bulletin / News Desk

A state run service called the Spiritual Administration of  Muslims has banned the breaking of the Ramadan fast in mosques and restaurants.

“The ban on performing iftar in cafes, restaurants and mosques is not government policy. We have gone down this road bearing in mind the history of Islam. At the time of the Prophet Muhammed, iftar was organized solely for those who had little or nothing to eat. But now iftar, which had always been a manifestation of the need to care for the needy, has become another display of waste and ostentatious celebration,” Abdulaziz Mansur, the deputy head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan, told Ozodlik in an interview.

Accordingly, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan is inviting people to invite small groups of people home instead of gathering in large groups in public places.

“In Mecca people perform iftar because people (pilgrims) do not have their own home there. Our citizens have their own home. They should have iftar at their place, within their family circle,” Mansur said.



Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Haziran 2016, 09:43