'Spy' imprisoned in the TRNC

A Turkish national has been imprisoned in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus after admitting to spying for the Greek Cypriot government.

'Spy' imprisoned in the TRNC

Turkish national Taylan Yanar has been imprisoned in the TRNC after confessing to spying for the Greek Cypriot controlled south.

Having entered the TRNC from Turkey with fake documents, he later entered the Greek Cypriot territory illegally. He was later arrested on 15 October after evidence on his computer, camera and USB suggested that he was a spy.

He confessed to entering the TRNC with fake documents and then seeking refuge with Greek Cypriot officials when he was discovered. He also responded positively to their request to work for them as a spy in his statement to the police.

He has been ordered to remain in prison for 2 months while the prosecution process takes place.

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