Angola to lift visas with Turkey

“We have to add content in our relations,” said Angolan Ambassador to Turkey Primo.

Angola to lift visas with Turkey

Angolan Ambassador in Ankara Jose Guerreiro Alves Primo said they have opened an embassy in Turkey to add content in bilateral relations, and they would soon lift visas with Turkey.

Attending the African Day Symposium held for the 50th Anniversary of the African Union in Turkish capital Ankara, Ambassador Primo told AA that Angola was discussing with Turkey to also bilaterally abolish visa requirements. "We are having bilateral meetings and we will find the way to lift visas and enable other facilities," he noted.

Touching on the newly developing relations of Turkey and Angola, Ambassador Primo stated that Angola was exerting efforts to establish further diplomatic, economic and commercial relations, saying "We are working with TUSKON (Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists) and as part of the efforts, 33 Turkish companies will attend an international fair in Angola in the following days."

 "If you get more economically related, political relations develop more and more. We have to add content in our relations, not only in diplomatic mood. We are preparing a cultural mission to come here in Turkey in September," added Primo.

As a response to a question, Primo stressed, "We have recently established an embassy in Turkey. Turkey has an important profile in the region, especially for the last 20 years. We have to find common interests in politics and in cooperation."

Angola, a former Portuguese colony ruled by a socialist regime, is a southwestern African country that gained independence from Portugal in 1975. Turkey-Angola relations have been established recently. A Commercial, Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed on August 22, 2008 forms the basis of the commercial and economic relations between Turkey and Angola.

The Turkish Embassy in the Angolan capital Luanda has been active since April 1, 2010 and the Angolan government recently opened an embassy in Turkey on April 4, 2013.


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