Azerbaijan 'supports Erdogan on Armenia claims'

Azerbaijan has always stood with Turkey’s Prime Minister’s on allegations regarding the 1915 Armenian incidents.

Azerbaijan 'supports Erdogan on Armenia claims'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Azerbaijan supports the Turkish Prime Minister’s stance on allegations regarding the 1915 Armenian incidents, Deputy Head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration and chief of Foreign Relations Department said on Friday.

Novruz Mammadov told reporters in Baku that “Azerbaijan supports Turkey's attitude about Armenia. Azerbaijan has always stood next to Turkey, and will always continue to support it. It has always stood against Armenia’s so-called genocide claims”.

Turkish and Armenian historians should come together and participate in a joint commission to investigate the events of 1915 objectively Erdogan has said; the Baku government has agreed with this position.

In 1915, the ruling Committee of Union and Progress approved a law that ordered the moving of a part of the ethnic Armenian population in the then-empire. Armenia and the Armenian diaspora claim that nothing short of genocide occurred under this order, but Turkey says that both Turks and Armenians died during clashes between Ottoman forces and armed Armenian groups backed by Russia.

On April 25, Erdogan gave his condolences to the descendants of Armenians who lost their lives in the events of 1915, for the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic. 

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