Car used in Syria border blast not registered in Turkey

The bomb-equipped car which exploded at the border of Cilvegozu had no form of Turkish registration, and the bomber who carried out the attack is a Syrian national

Car used in Syria border blast not registered in Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

The first investigation was conducted of the explosion in which 14 people lost their lives in Cilvegozu on the border of Syria, in the Reyhan district of Hatay Province.

A special team of criminal and intelligence-terror experts examined the only part of the exploded vehicle that remained intact, the engine compartment. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was determined from this compartment. Through the VIN, it was established that the vehicle was used in Syria and had no records in Turkey.

According to Turkish press, debates over “was the car was going from Turkey?" have concluded. It was ascertained that the vehicle had reached customs from the Syrian side.

The identity of the suspect who fled to Turkey after evacuating the exploded vehicle has also been determined, and his image has been captured on security cameras.

It has also been determined that the suspect, who got off from a commercial taxi 15 miles from the center of Hatay Province and disappeared, is a Syrian national. It is believed that the suspect fled back to Syria through illegal means. 

14 people died and dozen others injured in the blast, which claimed to be targeting opposition figures who were supposed to pass the area of incident.

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