Cicek blames int'l community over Mid-East

Turkish parliamentary speaker Cemil Cicek has accused the international community of watching events unfolding in the Middle-East as if they are 'gladiator wars'.

Cicek blames int'l community over Mid-East

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek said on Monday that international community was watching killings in the Middle East as if they were watching gladiator wars.

Speaking after his meeting with Finnish Parliament Grand Committee Chairperson Miapetra Kumpula Natri, Cicek said that hundreds of people had been killed in Iraq, Syria and many other countries, but the international community was silent against all these killings.

The conscience of humanity allows killings as long as they are not by chemical weapons, Cicek said, adding that the consensus reached by international community did not go beyond prohibition of chemical weapons.

Cicek said that the concepts such as peace, mediation and common sense were grand concepts but they were corroded because the international community was watching the killings in the region as if they were watching gladiator wars, while claiming that they were mediating to maintain peace and common sense.

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