Gaza aid convoy stopped again

Mavi Marmara convoy was stopped while passing from Libyan-Egyptian border

Gaza aid convoy stopped again

World Bulletin/News Desk

"Mavi Marmara convoy," a Gaza-bound convoy of 11 vehicles loaded with medical aid, was blocked at Libyan-Egyptian border gate on Friday.      

"Egyptian border guards battered our volunteers in the convoy at the border gate. Egyptian forces blocked the convoy while passing from Libyan-Egyptian border even though the organisers fulfilled all legal requirements," Hacer al-Matiri, press spokesman of the convoy, told the Anadolu Agency.      

After passing through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the convoy was stopped at the Egyptian border and they were forced return to Libya.      

The "Mavi Marmara aid convoy", named after the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla, departed from Britain on February 25 to Gaza.      

Accompanied by 25 activists, the aid convoy carries 11 vehicles of medical aid, toys and computer material.      


Güncelleme Tarihi: 23 Mart 2013, 11:39