Israel apologizes to Turkish journalists

The Israeli government has apologized to two Turkish journalists for dicrimination by Israeli Shabak officials.

Israel apologizes to Turkish journalists

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The Israeli government's press office has apologized to Turkish journalists for discrimination on Monday. 

Turkish correspondents attending a reception held by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were discriminated against on December 17.

After the incident, the head of a Turkish media union, Gursel Eser, wrote a letter to Israeli government officials. In the response, the government press office said, "We apologise for the unfortunate incident."

AA Jerusalem representative Taner Aydin and photo-journalist Salih Zeki Fazlioglu were invited to Netanyahu's annual press reception. However, on arrival, the pair were diiscriminated against by Israeli Shabak officials on the basis of their Turkish nationality.

The Israeli officials told them that "those with Turkish passports face extra security searches due to Turkey being among the "high threat" countries for Israel.

AA's Fazlioglu was asked to remove his trousers while passing through an X-Ray machine and was told he would be searched under his belt with a naked hand.

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