Malians on Mauritanian border scream for Turkish help / PHOTO

Malian community in Imbera refugee camp seek Turkish aid.

Malians on Mauritanian border scream for Turkish help / PHOTO

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Amr Salah Waleed Mohamed, who is in charge of the Imbera Refugee Camp, has said, they expect the relief aid of Turkish foundations.

Being the Major of Lery town before French army's intervention in Mali, Amr Salah Waleed Mohamed said, after the intervention he headed to Mauritanian border with his community and took the responsibility of the camp where 70,000 refugees live.

Speaking to AA on Wednesday, he said, "The ones who stay in camps are not doing well. We hope that Turkey can help us."

He underlined that since the set up of the camp, none of the Islamic aid organizations had gone there and called the aid societies of Islamic world to give a helping hand to Malian refugees.

"As far as see from media that, Turkey pays attention to refugees and weak ones. Turkey has lots of experiences as they have been hosting Syrian refugees. We expect Turkish aid societies to help Malian refugees who stay in the Imbera Refugee Camp at the Mauritanian border."

On the other hand, touching on the French army intervention, Waleed Mohamed mentioned, "France played a big role in ethnic cleansing."

He claimed, French knew about the killings of Tuareg and Arab descent people who live in the north. 

He expressed that the military intervention had nothing to do with combating against fighters and said, it was an ethnic elimination. He told AA, "They did not hold anything against the groups which they declared as terrorists who have been in the region for about 12 years."

"We know that commanders in Malian army have links with these organizations," he claimed and said, 

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