Native Americans appreciate Turkey's contribution

A senior official from Native American tribe, Ho-Chunk, says they are happy to see Turkey's help and eager to engage in business relations.

Native Americans appreciate Turkey's contribution

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Native Americans are happy to see Turkey’s contribution to a water distribution project in Arizona and its willingness to build economic relations with tribes, the executive director of the Ho-Chunk Housing and Community Development Agency, Mark Butterfield, says on Monday.

Butterfield told an AA journalist that since the Native Americans’ limited sovereignty allows them to engage in international trade, they explore economic opportunities.

In addition to increasing the volume of trade, relations between Native Americans and Turkey can enhance mutual awareness.

“We have a home-improvement store. We knew that most apricots in the markets are from Turkey. What I did not know was that the paintbrushes we sell in my store are made in Turkey,” he said.

When asked how Native Americans and Turkey can improve business relations, Butterfield said that each native tribe usually specializes in different products such as timber, lumber, jewelry, art ware, adding that Turkey and Native American trade should focus on what each party produces most efficiently.

As Turkey developed its economic standing, it has shown more willingness to enhance its relationship with Native Americans.

First, Turkey has received special permission from the US Senate in 2011 to conduct trade with Native American tribes.

Later on, The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) have organized a water distribution project for Native American reservations in the southwestern American state of Arizona in 2013.

In the same year, Turkish American Business Association (TABA) made some financial contributions to the National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) which organizes for training of 750 housing project leaders.

Butterfield and his colleague, Bernadette EchoHawk, visited Turkey to inform TABA’s officials about their activities and programs.

EchoHawk said they are happy with TABA’s donation and assured that no penny will be wasted. 

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