Next target was Syrian refugee camp in Turkey

Two of the detainees reportedly directly staged the attack, while the three others are believed to have aided and abetted the two.

Next target was Syrian refugee camp in Turkey

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The confessed perpetrators of the bombing on the Turkish-Syrian border last month that killed 14 people and injured more than 28 have acknowledged that they were also planning to bomb a Syrian refugee camp in Kilis.

Five suspects, four of them Syrians, and one Turkish, were arrested for their involvement in the blast at the Cilvegözü border gate in the southern Turkish province of Hatay.

Two of the detainees reportedly directly staged the attack, while the three others are believed to have aided and abetted the two.

The suspects have revealed that they were paid $35,000 by people connected to Syria's intelligence agency. After an examination of border crossing security camera footage, police nabbed A.B., the organizer of the attack, after he tried to re-enter Turkey on the morning of March 7. A.B. confirmed the accusations after police showed him the incriminating footage.

A.B. also revealed that the group received orders for the bomb attack from Ammid Havvas, a commander in the Syrian army. Police determined that the two people who had returned to Syria right before the explosion were A.B.'s brother, Y.B., and sister-in-law, Z.Ş. During their interrogation at the Hatay Police Headquarters the suspects revealed the names of three Turkish citizens who had aided them in the Feb. 11 attack. Police, conducting a raid on addresses given by the suspects, arrested the three Turkish citizens.

Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MİT), police, intelligence and anti-terrorism units have been conducting the investigation in coordination.

Syrian opposition fighters reportedly captured Y.B. and Z.Ş. near Aleppo and handed them over to Turkish authorities.

The suspects reportedly confessed that their primary aim was to prevent humanitarian aid to Syria and put the blame on the Syrian opposition, saying that was the major reason behind choosing Cilvegözü -- a major transfer site for such aid -- as a venue for the explosion.

The suspects also said they had been orchestrating another attack, this time on the Öncüpınar container city for Syrian refugees in the province of Kilis.

Ankara had earlier said that the suspects in the bombing were linked to the Syrian regime.

Fourteen people, including three Turkish citizens, were killed and at least 28 were injured in the mid-February blast at the Turkish-Syrian border gate of Cilvegözü. Turkish authorities have been thoroughly investigating the attack and had detained a number of people for their possible links to the incident, though none so far had proven to be involved.

The Cilvegözü border gate, several kilometers outside the town of Reyhanlı, sits opposite the Syrian gate of Bab al-Hawa, which opposition forces captured last July. Refugees cross back and forth and Turkish trucks also deliver goods into the no-man's land between the two gates, where they are picked up by Syrians.

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