OIC handles state of Muslims across the world

Turkish FM Davutoglu held bilateral meetings in New York, brought the issue of conflicts mostly faced in Muslim countries in recent years into question

OIC handles state of Muslims across the world

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu brought the issue of conflicts mostly faced in Muslim countries in recent years into question at the annual coordination meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Foreign Ministers.

Held in New York on Friday, the meeting covered the developments in Syria and Palestine in particular. Foreign ministers of the countries emphasised that the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons would not stop the tragedy in the country.

Turkish minister Davutoglu also said last month's chemical weapons attack, which killed over a thousand civilians including children and women, was against the international law, adding that the perpetrators should be called to account, diplomatic sources said.

 The UN Security Council should have a clear stance on implementing the agreement over destroying Syria's chemical weapons, Davutoglu said.

Touching on the peace talks between Israel and Palestine, he said the negotiations should end in the foundation of a Palestinian state with the capital of East Jerusalem. He also said Israel's illegal settlements as well as aggressive moves to the mosques and also provocative behaviours of Israeli security forces against Muslims harmed the peace talks.

Davutoglu reiterated that the deaths in Egypt, which he said a key country in the stability and democratisation of the region, created much sorrow in Muslim world. He once again called on the international community for respect to the national will in the country and underlined the need for an urgent return to democracy.

Discussing the condition of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, he said the planned visit of OIC to the country would help establish a constructive dialogue to bring an end to the violence against Muslims.

Turkish minister also held biletarel meetings in New York where he attended 68th UN General Assembly meetings. He met with EU Commissioner responsible for enlargement  Stefan Fule, Secretary-General of the Arab League Nebil el-Arabi, and Myanmar Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin, in addition to the meetings with his counterparts from Andorra, Fiji, Mozambique, Malaysia, Singapore, Tanzania, Guatemala, Azerbaijan, Kuwait and Holland.

Leaders discussed bilateral relations as well as developments in the region and the non-permanent membership of Turkey to UN Security Council.


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