President rules out setback in ties with Turkish Cyprus

"Turkey stands by TRNC both politically and economically," Gul said.

President rules out setback in ties with Turkish Cyprus

Turkish President Abdullah Gul ruled out Sunday a setback in relation between Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and said that Turkey would continue to support Turkish Cypriot state.

Prior to his departure for Iran, Gul was asked about recent developments in Cyprus and government's move to appoint a new ambassador to TRNC.

"I do not see an anomaly here. Because Turkey will continue to make sacrifices in strengthening TRNC, helping build a self-supporting economy and for a deep-rooted democracy," Gul told reporters at a press conference at Ankara's Esenboga Airport.

"Turkey stands by TRNC both politically and economically," he said.

Gul said Turkish Cypriot people were the ones to decide who to govern their country, adding, "Turkey exerts its efforts to help move forward relations in healthiest way and also help TRNC achieve a very strong future."

In a demonstration to protest austerity measures late January, a group of Turkish Cypriots, which the Turkish government believes have links to Greek Cyprus, chanted anti-Turkey slogans, asking the country not to interfere in their affairs. "Ankara, we don't want your money or [austerity] package," protesters wrote on banners.

Last week, Turkey replaced its ambassador to TRNC. Diplomatic officials said that Halil Ibrahim Akca, the head of technical delegation for TRNC, would replace Turkish ambassador in Lefkosa Kaya Turkmen. The reason for replacement was to coordinate assistances to TRNC from a single office, officials said.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Şubat 2011, 16:24