Right environment needed for Turkey-Pakistan cooperation

Former Minister and a member of the National Assembly, Naveed Qamar says Turkey and Pakistan could cooperate on energy, education, and military

Right environment needed for Turkey-Pakistan cooperation

Turkey and Pakistan have a will to deepen their relationship but we need to create the right environment for cooperation, Pakistani Former Defence Minister Syed Naveed Qamar has said, as two countries are looking into ways to flourish their relations.

Though there has been an excellent relationship between countries, there is so much that needs to be built on that goodwill, Qamar told Anadolu Agency in exclusive interview. “There is a whole array of fields in which there is a cooperation that is imminent and we just need to take the punch.”

Former Minister said that the biggest obstacle on the way to deepen the relation was “creating the right environment.”

He said cooperation required private sector participation, adding the need to create environment for them to come and invest.

Naveed Qamar, a member of the parliament as well, noted Turkey and Pakistan could cooperate on energy, education, and military. After Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Turkey last September, it has been revealed that the two countries discussed the possible export of Turkish helicopters to Pakistan.

Qamar commented that Pakistan was very keenly interested in buying Turkish helicopters but added, “It is a matter of putting everything together to be able to make the final decision.” Meanwhile, Qamar said Pakistan’s F-16’s refurbishment was taking place in Turkey as they spoke.

Pakistani deputy Qamar said, "Turkey needs to solve the Syrian refuge problem" in response to remarks that Turkey may turn into a new Pakistan. “If there is no solution to the Syria issue, and refuges keep pouring into Turkey, then there will be a problem even more for Turkey than there is for Syria. So, these things should be sorted out very quickly,” he emphasized.

Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif’s visit on September triggered new hope between countries to translate their already existing friendship into a new level in terms of cooperation. A high profile team from Pakistan began their visit to Turkey on Monday to enhance ties between the two states.


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