SNC rejects dialogue with Assad

Syrian National Coalition says Assad and military officials can not be part of political solution

SNC rejects dialogue with Assad

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The Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces on Friday announced that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and military officials of the Syrian regime will not be able to join the possible dialogue between the Syrian opposition and the regime.

The Syrian National Coalition issued an official declaration on the second day of talks in Cairo on alternatives for a peaceful solution.

Preservation of Syria's unity and preventing further damage in Syria were the primary aim of all Syrians, the declaration said.

Talks could take place with those from the Baath Party of Syria who have not been involved in bloodshed, the declaration underlined.

However, the declaration stressed, Bashar al-Assad and the troops of the regime were responsible for the destruction in Syria and that they should get punished for that.

The Syrian National Coalition indicated that Assad and Syrian military officials could not be part of a political solution process.

The Coalition said that the UN Security Council had to extend active support to the political solution process in Syria.
The Coalition also said that Iran had to realize that Assad and his regime had no chance of being a part of a future solution in Syria.

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