Turkey condemns Israeli 'massacre' in Gaza

'We strongly condemn this massacre, which has reached the cruelest level in collective punishment,' says Turkey's foreign ministry.

Turkey condemns Israeli 'massacre' in Gaza

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Turkey has strongly condemned Sunday's Israeli attack on Shujaya neighborhood of Gaza where scores of Palestinians have been reported killed.

"We curse Israel's atrocious attack on historically important Shujaya neighborhood of Gaza, which killed at least 60 people, leaving 400 injured and 35,000 displaced," a statement released by the Turkish foreign ministry said Monday.

"We strongly condemn this massacre, which has reached the cruelest level in collective punishment."

Turkey also called on Israel to immediately stop its attacks on Palestinian people, urging both sides to reach a permanent ceasefire.

Since July 7, Israel has been pounding the besieged Gaza Strip with air and naval bombardments with the stated aim of halting rocket attacks.

At least At least 509 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3,000 injured since the Israeli assault began.

Israel's military operation, dubbed operation "Protective Edge," is the self-proclaimed Jewish state's third major offensive against Gaza in the last six years.

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gerald mickelson
gerald mickelson - 5 yıl Before

Wonder what in the heck Turkey would do if they at constant rocket attacks day and night. I have lost all the respect I had for the Turkish Govt. You are hypocrits

Gerald Mickelson
Gerald Mickelson - 5 yıl Before

my previous post had nothing abusive nor hate. Why do Turkish Censors need to approve of all messages..Thank God we have free press here, abet somewhat biased, but I am allowed to make comments without censorship