Turkey warns its citizens in Sudan

Turkish embassy in Sudan warned its citizens in Sudan over security concern.

Turkey warns its citizens in Sudan

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Turkey has warned its citizens in Sudan over the security concern while anti-government protests are continuing in several cities. The Turkish embassy in Sudan has indicated to planned mass protests in country. 

"Mass protests have been planned across Sudan, particularly in the capital city of Khartoum, in response to President Omar Al-Bashir’s announcement of new economic restrictions on the day of 22 September, which have been implemented as of 23 September.''

In the likelihood of the spread of ongoing street protests, it is requested that our citizens take note of the following instructions. Your safety and security is our utmost concern:

- Stay away from the protests, do not go to places where you know or have heard that protests are taking place.

- If you find yourself in a protest, immediately leave the area.

- If you see a protest anywhere or see/hear of one of our citizens being harmed, immediately inform the embassy via telephone, SMS message or mail.

- Continue to take precautions and follow the decisions made in security meetings."

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