Turkic speaking states league for first time: Turkic Council SG

Turkic Council Secretary General Akinci said Turks voluntarily come together for the first time in history under the council.

Turkic speaking states league for first time: Turkic Council SG

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Turkic Council Secretary General Halil Akinci has stated that Turks voluntarily came together for the first time in history under the council's umbrella.

"Joint Action Movement Strategy of Turkic Speaking Diaspora" was signed in Turkish capital Ankara by relevant ministers and heads of foundations of the council to strengthen the cooperation among the council's members and urge states' diasporas to act together.

Akinci who arrived in Ankara under an event organized by the Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) said the target of the council was to ensure integrity in the Turkic world and cooperation among them.

Akinci told Turkish press in an exclusive interview, "After this council was founded, we started to organize the councils of ministers through one subject. First summit covered the economic cooperation and the second was to league together in education. The upcoming summit will be on transportation. Turkey's role in this sense is important. Common universities in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were built with Turkey's contribution. For instance University of Manas will become the Harvard of Central Asia. Turks voluntarily come together for first time in history under council. Turks, who came together as a result of overpowering one another, voluntarily move in a body for the first time".

Vice Chairman of the World Kazakh Associations, Talgat Mamasev, said that Turkey had very good relations with Kazakhstan, which had been gradually imroving for 22 years in economy, politics and culture.

Mamasev noted Turkish companies had been operating in Kazakhstan and Turks had constructed nearly all the buildings in Kazakhstan's first years after its independence.

He added, "I think that we are late in starting these kind of diaspora movements. It's quite normal that Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan act together in the direction of their goals. We need the support of Turkish diaspora abroad because it's bigger than us."

Deputy Minister of Azerbaijani State Committee on Work with Diaspora, Valeh Hadziev, emphasized that Turkish-Azerbaijani relations were at the highest level, that they acted together in many areas, saying that diaspora should become partners also in diaspora-related movements.

"If we are one nation with two countries, there can't be two diasporas of one nation. We set forth with this aim and both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan joined us. We gathered the diasporas of Turkic states to develop the relations and to act together. Turkey's problem is Azerbaijan's problem and vice versa, " Hadziev stated.

A summit process of Turkic speaking states had started after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991 and the Turkic republics gained independence. First summit was held in Ankara and second one in Istanbul, where a number of presidents came together. Since 2009, nine summits have taken place. In 2009's Nakhichevan summit, Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) was founded.

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, four of six independent Turkic states, excluding Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, are members of the council. 

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