Turkish charities reach out to CAR Muslims

The massacre of Muslims in the Central African Republic has been compared to the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda.

Turkish charities reach out to CAR Muslims

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Two Turkey-based charities are starting a campaign to help the crisis-hit Central African Republic.

The Central African Humanitarian Aid Campaign was launched by the State of Distaster and Emergency Board (AFAD) and the Humanitarian Aid Platform in a meeting in Istanbul.

Humanitarian Aid Platform coordinator Ali Kurt said that over 1 million people have been displaced and thousands of Muslims have been killed just because of their religion after international forces created an environment of merciless and systematic killing by armed gangs.

Kurt also slammed the international community for remaining silent over the massacres and compared the genocide of Muslims in front of the eyes of French and African Union peacekeepers to the massacres against Muslims in Bosnia in front of Dutch troops.

Additionally, Kurt criticized UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who he said has not done anything besides a few statements while the situation threatens to become another Rwanda.

Kurt noted that while many have fled to unfavorable conditions in neighboring countries, up to 14,000 Central African Muslims have been surrounded by Christian militias and face slaughter if they try to flee.

Calling on the Christian anti-Balaka militia to end the attacks, Kurt said that anti-Balaka members should be tried in the International Court and a corridor should be secure to bring aid into the country.

He especially called for aid to be delivered in the form of much-needed medicines, groceries, clothes and shelter to refugee camps, adding that the region's rain season was soon approaching in two months and that these needs have to be met urgently.

CAR Muslim representative in Turkey Ibrahim Osman also mention the refugee crisis, saying that camps were struggling to cope with the numbers. 'We do not want to be another Palestine', he said.

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