Turkish court sentenced Israel to compensation

Israel was sentenced to compensation for Mavi Marmara attack by Turkish local court

Turkish court sentenced Israel to compensation

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Turkish local court sentenced Israel to compensation for 46,103 TRY (17,100 USD) because of Mavi Marmara attack. The court had accepted the case after an Anadolu Agency (AA) reporter litigated. The reporter was in Mavi Marmara when the attack happened.

Nevsehir 2nd Criminal Court sentenced Israel to 46,103 TRY compensation, in the case which was litigated by AA reporter.

AA reporter Yücel Velioğlu was in the Mavi Marmara ship which was attacked by Israili soldiers in the international territorial waters. Mavi Marmara started to its journey in 2010 with the campaign of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in order to breakaway the blockade around Gaza. 

The court's justification was told as, "Claiment was deprived of his freedom right for a while by defendant (Israel) when defendant attacked to Mavi Marmara unlawfully"

On the judgement it is said, "Claiment's financial loss is 6,103 TRY, defendant sentenced to pay this amount, additionally, defendant sentenced to pay 40,000 TRY as compensation. 

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