Turkish FM meets his Costa Rican counterpart

Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu met with his Costa Rican counterpart Barrantes in Ankara on Monday.

Turkish FM meets his Costa Rican counterpart

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with his counterpart from Costa Rica, Enrique Castillo Barrantes in Ankara on Monday.

"We do not want to see any ethnicity in Syria discriminate or dominate others," Davutoglu said in a joint conference with Barrantes in Turkish capital Ankara on Monday.

Davutoglu added, "we do not differentiate between any groups in Syria as long as they have a clear attitude, they are a part of Syrian opposition, and they do not take any steps until an elected parliament comes into play."

"All Syrians indiscriminately are friends of Turkey and we want ethnic peace in Syria," said Davutoglu.

"We will make every effort to ensure humanitarian aid reaches to all Syrians," said Davutoglu.

CELAC troika meeting to be held in Turkey 

For Costa Rica's 2014 term presidency of The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Davutoglu said they reached an agreement to hold a Troika meeting between Turkey and CELAC in Turkey.

Reminding that this is Barrantes' second visit to Turkey, Davutoglu said "we also had an opportunity to meet with him in the UN".

Indicating that there are 12 embassies in the region and hoping to open the 13th one in Costa Rica, Davutoglu said "we will mutually open embassies in our countries," and added "In upcoming period, we will be opening our embassy in Costa Rica."

Davutoglu added, "We also talked about a Free Trade Agreement and bilateral relations."

Costa Rican FM Barrantes said, "we have reached an important agreement today as we also decided to establish embassies in our capitals."

"We see Turkey as a leader country in its region, in the UN, and the world," Barrantes highlighted.

For a Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Costa Rica, Barrantes noted, "the negotiation has not started, yet we are willing to start it soon." 

Barrantes has paid an official visit upon the invitation extended by Davutoglu and this will be the second visit of Barrantes in a year.

During the visit, both sides discussed bilateral relations, and exchanged views on regional and international developments.

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