Turkish FM meets Syrian Interim PM Hitto

"Turkey always respects the decisions of Syrian opposition," Davutoglu said.

Turkish FM meets Syrian Interim PM Hitto

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Friday met with the Syrian Interim Prime Minister Ghassan Hitto in Turkish capital of Ankara.

Speaking to reporters before meeting Hitto, Ahmet Davutoglu congratulated Hitto for his new post.

"Turkey always respects the decisions of Syrian opposition," Davutoglu said.

"Turkey will continue to do whatever is necessary so that the political transformation in Syria takes place in the shortest time and through most peaceful means," Davutoglu underlined.

"Mr. Hitto has assumed a crucial mission at a time when Syrian history as well as regional history are at a tough phase," Davutoglu noted.

"The people of Syria in the past two years suffered immense pain and they displayed great resistance for human dignity," Davutoglu stated.

"Turkey has always been on the side of Syrian people during the two years of Syrian crisis and we host more than 100,000 Syrian refugees in camps," Davutoglu

"The peoples of Turkey and Syria have been living together for centuries. Syrian opposition has taken another crucial step after forming the Syrian National Coalition. An
interim government was established and Mr. Hitto has become their prime minister. We have always respected the decisions of the Syrian people and opposition," Davutoglu indicated.

Hitto, in his part, thanked Turkish people for their support.

"Turkish people are always with the Syrian people. We are grateful for this," Hitto underlined.

"Two things remained on my mind after visiting the camps where Syrians live in Turkey," Hitto said.

"One of them has to do with a sentence written at the entrance of the camp and which read 'They are Turkey's guests'. This message reflects the relations between our peoples. And, the second one was about the high level assistance to Syrians at the camps. I thank Turkey for the hospitality displayed. The upcoming term would be a difficult one for us. In this time frame, all fronts must get united. This time frame will necessitate for the Turkish government and people to work closely with us. We will never forget that the Turkish government stands by us," Hitto said.

"We expect Turkey to continue to display the stance it has demonstrated so far. God willing, the Syrian people will win victories," Hitto also said.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Mart 2013, 15:24