Turkish FM: Turkey will never cooperate with Israel

Turkish FM Davutoglu has hushed rumors that Turkey cooperated with Israel in an air raid against Syria, saying that Turkey has never and will never cooperate with Israel against a Muslim country.

Turkish FM: Turkey will never cooperate with Israel

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Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has denied that Turkey cooperated with Israel in an aerial attack on a military base in Syria on 31 October.
“There is an attempt to give the impression that Turkey has coordinated with Israel. We have issues with Syria, an issue based on a principle. But let me say it clearly: The Turkish government has never cooperated with Israel against any Muslim country, and it never will,” he told reporters.

The strike was apparently aimed at destroying Russian-made SA-125 missiles that were believed to be heading to Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Some reports claimed that Turkey provided Israel with intelligence about the missiles.

Davutoglu called the reports “black propaganda” and criticized them saying, “Those reports are attempts to cast a shadow on the Syrian people’s rightful struggle and Turkey’s attitude with principles. It is out of the question for us to participate in any common operation.”

Despite differing views on Syria, Davutoğlu also stressed the importance of Turkey’s friendship with Iran, saying “We have deep and historic relations. Some circles may want to represent us as two rival neighbors. Some may desire it. But much on the contrary, Turkey and Iran are not rivals but friends,” in a press conference with his visiting Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Istanbul on Friday.

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