Turkish health minister meets Tunisian PM

Tunisia wants to benefit from Turkey's experiences in health, says Tunisian health minister

Turkish health minister meets Tunisian PM

Turkish Minister of Health Mehmet Muezzinoglu met Monday with Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Laareydh following his meeting with Minister of Public Health Abdellatif Mekki.

"Turkish reforms in the field of health deserve admiration," said Mekki in a joint press conference with Muezzinoglu. "Turkey achieved becoming one of those rare countries in the world with its progress in health. We, therefore, want to benefit from Turkey's experiences."

Turkish minister, meanwhile, said meetings between the leaders would help improve the relations between two countries.

"There are many health projects that the two countries carry out together, " he said, "We have decided on sharing the knowledge in health as well as developing training programs."

Turkish minister Muezzinoglu will also visit some hospitals and medical centres in the capital.



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