Turkish PM addresses Algerian national assembly

"Turkey will continue to support the Syrian people in their fight for a democratic regime" Erdogan said.

Turkish PM addresses Algerian national assembly

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who addressed to Algerian National People's Assembly, expressed continued support for the Syrian opposition who seeks to oust the Assad regime.

In an official visit in Algiers, Erdogan said "We will continue our strong support the Syrian people in their fight for the democratic regime in both bilateral and international levels."

Erdogan indicated that Turkey's total foreign trade volume approached about  $400 billion, adding," policies were intended for the mutual benefit and friendship with all countries of the world and they were effective in this achievement. Today close to 3, 500 Turkish companies are operational in over 100 countries. These companies employ hundred of thousands people."

Stating that the investment of Turkish businessmen abroad reached $25 billion, Erdogan said, "These positive developments attract the attention of foreign investors. The foreign investment which was $9 billion in 2010 exceeded $16 billion in 2012. Here, I want to call in the presence Algerian people and the Algerian businessmen help increase the mutual contacts visits and cooperation."

"We need to lift visa requirement”

Reminding that Turkey removed visas requirement for 70 countries, Erdogan urged to lift visa between Turkey and Algeria. 

"We need to lift visa requirement. This issue should be discussed too," Erdogan said.

Algeria's President of the Assembly Al Arabi Veled said Erdogan's visit was "a golden opportunity" to exchange views on the issues that concerned the two countries.

"There has been a relationship between the two countries for more than three centuries. Algeria attaches importance to Turkey's friendship. The treaty of amity that was signed in 2006 is an evidence of it,"  the Algerian assembly chief said.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 05 Haziran 2013, 10:33