Turkish president meets Portuguese counterpart

There is a deadlock with new constitution in preparation, says Turkish President Gul

Turkish president meets Portuguese counterpart

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul who is on a state visit to Portugal said, "Unfortunately at this point there is a deadlock with the new constitution in preparation."      

Turkish President Abdullah Gul and his Portuguese counterpart Anibal Cavaco Silva held a joint press conference following tete-a-tete and inter-delegation meetings at Belem Palace in Lisbon.      

"The 1980 Constitution is not fitting Turkey well so works began on establishing a 'more modern' constitution with the contribution of all political parties. Unfortunately, at this point there is a deadlock with the new constitution in preparation. If a new constitution will not be prepared we can move on by amending the current constitution," Gul said.      

Gul added that establishing a new constitution wasn't a pre-requisite for Turkey's EU membership and emphasized that it was important to adopt the legal acquis and standards to Turkey.           

"Turkey could move faster in EU process"          

Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva expressed Portugal's support for Turkey's EU membership bid and added, "We believe Turkey could move faster in regards to its EU accession process."      

Silva reminded attending visa exemption meetings and also expressed their support for this process. Silvia also stated that the visa exemption would mean more Turkish citizens visiting Portugal.      

Furthermore, Silva underscored that the two leaders would participate Turkey-Portugal Business Forum, Portuguese President Silvia said that Turkey's close relations with Caucasus and Asian countries would help Portuguese businessmen to reach out these regions through their partnership with Turkish firms.      

Touching on Syria's situation, Silvia emphasized on Turkey's role in managing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and said "Turkey's activities are really important. In addition to this, Turkey has an important role for the continuation of Middle East peace negotiations."           

"It is worse than what we can imagine"          

Upon being reminded of the "tragedy" and "massacres" in Syria, Silva said, "The incidents we witness in Syria are worse than what we can imagine and the footage we watch shows the demolition of a nation and a country."      

Emphasizing that the international society had to contribute much more actively, Silva said that Portugal was very clear from the beginning in supporting the Syrian opposition.      

"The Arab League and Turkey play a significant role. We deeply appreciate the effort of Turkey until today. However, all the difficulties could be overcome much faster by dealing with the problems in the UN Security Council," Silva said.            -Economic cooperation-          

Gul emphasized that the subject of his visit was mainly economic cooperation.      

Reminding that the bilateral trade volume was around 1 million USD, "I believe Turkish and Portuguese businessmen have a lot to do in common in Caucasus, Middle East and Asia" said Gul.      

Gul also pointed out that Turkey was the 6th largest economy of Europe with a GNP of 1 trillion USD, and said that there were important investment opportunities in Turkey for Portuguese businessmen.      

"I am sure that Portuguese firms would benefit working together, during the economic crisis in Europe, as well as the crisis, which we believe Portugal is about to pass over" said Gul, expressing his gratitude for the activities of Portuguese firms in Turkey, particularly at energy sector.      

Reminding that Portuguese citizens are allowed to enter Turkey without visa since April 2013, "I am sure that Turks in more numbers would visit Portugal to see its historical, cultural legacy and all its beauty, if same kind of visa facilities would be implemented on the Portuguese side"      

Turkish President Gul started his Lisbon visit by laying a wreath at the tomb of Poet Luis Vaz de Camoes. Turkish President Gul and First Lady Hayrunnisa Gul were welcomed by Portuguese officials at their arrival to the Jeronimos Monastery where Camoes' tomb is placed and were informed about the monastery which was built in 1501.      

The Gul couple was welcomed by Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva and Portugal's First Lady Maria Cavaco Silva at the Belem Palace with an official ceremony. After the national anthems of the two countries were played, memoir photo was taken. Later on, Gul and Cavaco headed to hold a bilateral meeting and co-chair a separate meeting of their delegations.      

On the other hand, Turkish First Lady who accompanies his spouse Abdullah Gul during his Lisbon trip, visited the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic Residency and Francisco de Arruda School with Portuguese First Lady.  


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