Whereabouts of kidnapped Turkish pilots unknown

Two Turkish Airlines pilots, kidnapped in Lebanon almost two months ago, are reported to have been moved by the kidnappers to an unknown location.

Whereabouts of kidnapped Turkish pilots unknown

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Two Turkish Airline pilots who were abducted two months ago by gunmen in Lebanon were transferred to an unknown place by the kidnappers, reported the Lebanese An-Nahar on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, the pilots were transferred from the Dahiya region in Beirut to an unknown place due to the security concern of the kidnappers. The increasing number of securtity forces in the parameter made the kidnappers decide on the change of location.

Some sources that spoke to An-Nahar said that the kidnappers do not plan on allowing officials to visit the pilots. The Dahiya region is controlled by Hezbollah. At the beginning of the week, almost 1,000 military and security personnel were positioned in the region.

Two Turkish pilots were kidnapped on 9 August in Lebanon. The gunmen abducted the pilots but released the crew.

A group calling itself 'Zuwwar Imam al-Rida' (visitors of Imam al-Rida) has claimed responsibility for the abduction, demanding that Turkey talks with the Syrian opposition to secure the release of nine Lebanese nationals kidnapped in Syria in May 2012.

The Turkish government is a supporter of the Syrian opposition. On the other hand, the armed Lebanese political group, Hezbollah, actively provides support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces.

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