Balkan nations aim for a million workplaces by 2020

The South-East Europe 2020 strategy adopted by ministers from the region aims to open one million new work places in the Balkans.

Balkan nations aim for a million workplaces by 2020

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At the ministerial conference of Investment Commission for South-East Europe held in Sarajevo on Thursday, a strategy for opening one million work places in the region by 2020 was adopted.

The "South-East Europe 2020" (SEE 2020) strategy was adopted by delegations of economy ministers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.

Representatives from the EU as well as other international initiatives and organizations were also present.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina is dedicated to regional cooperation, and the SEE 2020 strategy is a challenge for all countries," said Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina Salkicevic-Dizdarevic.

"It is my pleasure to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina and I thank the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) for their support in the process of creating this strategy. I hope that all strategy goals will be reached in the region," said Salkicevic-Dizdarevic.

"We have 11 goals agreed by ministers that were adopted today. I thank everyone who supported it," Secretary General of RCC Goran Svilanovic said, adding that 800,000 work places were lost in the region in recent years, and for that reason one million new work places is one of the goals of this strategy.

The Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship of Albania, Brunilda Paskali, expressed willingness to implement the adopted strategy.

"I firmly believe in SEE 2020 and I believe in our political determination in reaching its goals," she said.

The importance of the SEE 2020 strategy is in its innovation, new work places, economic development and competitiveness, said Vedran Krizic, the Croatian Deputy Minister of Economy.

"I believe this is a historical moment for the region. This is the first time that the region is committed to working together for the prosperity and welfare of the people," said Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of Kosovo Bernard Nikaj.

The first activity in the implementation of the strategy is that the governments of the signatory countries prepare action plans, which should indicate how they will achieve the goals at the state level. The European Commission has offered technical and financial assistance for the preparation of plans, after which it entered the implementation phase. The RCC will coordinate strategy in the coming years.

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