Company's Turkish workers not allowed to enter Israel

It has been reported that Yılmazlar Holding has suffered great losses since Israel has not permitted its Turkish workers and engineers from entering Israel for nearly a month.

Company's Turkish workers not allowed to enter Israel

World Bulletin/News Desk

A written statement from Yilmazlar Holding, which has operations in Israel, expressed that "With a decision taken on April 23, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior has ceased permitting the entrance of engineers and workers employed by Yilmazlar Holding, the biggest Turkish company operating in Israel, for 10 years employed, and 1200 Turkish employees of our company have been victimized."

The statement on the issue indicated that the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs had launching an initiative for the necessary warnings to Israel, but Israel had not taken any steps to rectify the situation.

Specifying that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been informed on the subject, the statement expressed that the company had suffered grave economic damage due to the prohibition, and that the damages would continue to increase if the entry of employees was not permitted.

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