Electricity trade between Turkey and Georgia to reach 1,000 MW

Turkey and Georgia sign protocol to construct three hydroelectric power plants in Georgia

Electricity trade between Turkey and Georgia to reach 1,000 MW

The Turkish energy minister said on Saturday that the current volume of electricity exchange between Turkey and Georgia would be increased to 1,000 Megawatts (MW).

Turkish Energy & Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz met with his Georgian counterpart Alexander Khetaguri in Batumi, Georgia.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Yildiz said he supported construction of environment-friendly hydro-electric power plants both in Turkey and the world.

Pointing to Georgia's expanding its electricity transmission system, Yildiz said, "Turkey and Georgia currently have a trade of 70-80 MW, however, we are planning to increase such volume to 1,000 MW".

Yildiz noted that producer companies would complete their projects, construction of transmission lines would be finalized and the two countries would have a major capacity by the year 2015.

Commenting on environmentalist organizations' reaction to construction of hydro-electric power plants in Turkey, Yildiz said, "we need to make energy investments that will both meet Turkey's growth needs and protect the country's cultural and natural assets".

Three hydroelectric power plants

Turkish and Georgian energy ministers, as well as the head of a leading Turkish energy company signed Saturday a protocol for the construction of three hydroelectric power plants in Georgia.

Turkish Energy & Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Georgian Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri and Agaoglu Group's chairman Ali Agaoglu put their signatures under the protocol during a ceremony held in Georgia's capital Batumi.

The power plants to be constructed by Agaoglu Energy will be built over the River Paravani and will have an annual production capacity of 277 million kWh. The construction work is expected to take 4 years.
Speaking after the signing ceremony, Yildiz said Georgia had a unique position in the energy sector.

Pointing to Turkish investors' interest in Georgia, Yildiz said Turkish entrepreneurs aimed at making a remarkable contribution to the construction process of hydroelectric power plants and production lines in this country.

Georgian Minister Khetaguri said in his part that Turkey, which was a political partner for Georgia, had now become an energy partner.

Khetaguri said construction of the hydroelectric power plants would start next year, after technical infrastructure work was completed.

Delivering a speech, Turkish businessmen Agaoglu noted that his company was proud to make such an investment in Georgia.

"We are encouraged by our government's desire and determination to support Turkish investors," he said.
After the ceremony, Minister Yildiz departed from Batumi for Turkey.


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