Electronic tags for Muslim pilgrims

Saudi Arabia will put in place an electronic bracelet system for all pilgrims visiting the country to perform their Hajj duties.

Electronic tags for Muslim pilgrims

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Al Arabiya has reported that Saudi Arabia will be asking all pilgrims who visit the country for their Hajj, to wear electronic bracelets containing personal information.

Hajj is the annual pilgrimage to Mecca and one of the most important events for Muslim people around the world, gathering more than 2 million people in Saudi Arabia to take part in one of Islam’s five main of faith.

Citing an unnamed governmentofficial , the Al Watan newspaper reported that Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Interior Ministry have completed an initial plan in order to introduce the practice.

“The project is now with the Ministry of Finance for a budgeting proposal. Once the Ministry of Finance and the higher authorities approve the project, the Ministry of Hajj will immediately implement it,” said the government official.

The electronic bracelet system, if comes to practice, will store important information, including address of residence in Saudi Arabia, full medical records, as well as a GPS system which might raise concern of breaching privacy among pilgrims.

“The e-bracelet will be a technological revolution that will expedite many processes such as collecting statistics of pilgrims,” said the Saudi government official.

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