Islamic Economic Forum's capitalist sponsors

It has been revealed that the upcoming Islamic Economic Forum in London will be sponsored by Coca-Cola, Bloomberg and HSBC.

Islamic Economic Forum's capitalist sponsors

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Islamic Economic Forum, which took place in Malaysia last year, is now on its way to London. However, in a rather controversial move, the forum is being sponsored by Coca-Cola. This has led many Muslims to lose their trust in the forum, in which the subject of halal food will be discussed.

Running for the ninth year in a row, the forum which will be attended by officials from all over the world. London’s mayor Boris Johnson said that it was an honor for his city to host the forum, which is being held outside the Asian continent for the first time.

As well as Coca-Cola, other capitalist organizations like Bloomberg and the HSBC bank are among the sponsors.

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