Israeli stock peaks after Iran deal

Israeli markets continued working on Sunday, peaking to a new high following the Iran nuclear deal.

Israeli stock peaks after Iran deal

World Bulletin / News Desk

Following the P5+1 meetings in which a deal was reached between Western nations and Iran to curb Iran’s nuclear program in return for the lifting of sanctions, Israel has been raising their concerns that Iran is not sincere about their side of the agreement.

Politically, the deal has been a blow for Israel, who sees Iran as a threat to its national interests due to the fact that they support Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, two groups that are both hostile to the Zionist state. Fearing that the deal could potentially isolate them in the region, Israel is still calling on Western nations to fight Iran and is utilizing its lobby groups in the U.S. to campaign against President Barack Obama’s policy on Iran. They have even threatened to attack Iran alone if no one else supports them.

However, instead of being seen as a threat to Israel’s national interest, Israel’s stock market ratings have actually indicated that the Iran deal is a positive development for Israel. While western stock markets were closed on Sunday, Israel’s continued to run, reaching a new high. In a typical scenario when a threat seems very real, traders usually tend to sell their stock, but the deal with Iran has served the Israeli financial markets well, suggesting the presence of discrepancy between the Israeli government, who are propagating their perception of an Iranian threat to Israel, and traders who seemingly think Israel has never been safer.

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