Kuwait court to block state aid to Egypt

Kuwait's administrative court is deliberating as to whether or not it should motion to block state aid to Egypt.

Kuwait court to block state aid to Egypt

World Bulletin / News Desk

Kuwait's Administrative Court is considering to issue a motion that would reverse the decision of the government to grant Egypt $5 billion in aid, due to the fact that the Kuwaiti Constitution also "forbids granting other states non-refundable funds".

The court, according to the Middle-East Monitor, described the decision as "a serious waste of public money which violates the Constitution and the law." The Kuwaiti constitution only allows the state to financially assist other states in the form of loans and investments, but not in grants.

Following the military coup in Egypt on July 3, Kuwait along with fellow Gulf Arab state Saudi Arabia pledged financial assistance to the new interim government formed under the military general Abdalfattah as-Sisi.

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