Reforms should accompany stability for development

Turkish Minister of Development Yilmaz said rapid and sustainable development is impossible without reforms

Reforms should accompany stability for development

Turkish Minister of Development Cevdet Yilmaz said on Monday that rapid and sustainable development is impossible without reforms.      

Meeting with Indonesian Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Azwar Abukar in Turkish capital Ankara to discuss exchange of views and experience in development reforms, Turkish Minister Yilmaz noted Indonesia set an example with its advancing democracy and growing economy.      

Stressing its important position in G-20 and in the Far East, Yilmaz stated that Indonesia had attracted the world's attention with its recent economic development thanks to the successful government, reforms and strong policies.      

Yilmaz pointed that "Considering the countries such as Turkey, Indonesia and Brazil, the center of the power is shifting gradually as the influence of developing countries in the world economy is on the rise. We believe Indonesia and Turkey could learn from each other's experience in this sense."      

"Surviving out of the global economic crisis like Indonesia, Turkey has achieved an economic growth of three times, growth of four times and research spending rise of five times. Turkey also aims to increase its per capita income to 25 thousand dollars and its national income to 2 trillion dollars at least as part of the 2023 vision," told Yilmaz.      

Yilmaz said Turkey would attach more importance to innovation, human resources, urbanization and regional policies within the framework of the 10th 5-year development plan.      

"I believe rapid development is possible as long as you can protect your qualified labor force and capital and even attract foreign investors," said Yilmaz.      

Highlighting importance of reforms for sustainable and rapid development, "Reforms should accompany stability for rapid development. You cannot leap with customary models. You should also manage the change well without emerging problems," Yilmaz added.      

Indonesian Minister Azwar Abukar stated that Indonesia survived the great economic crisis in 1998 reaching an annual growth rate of 6.2 percent despite claims that the country would collapse like the Soviet Union.      

Minister Azwar Abukar expressed his country's wish to further cooperate with Turkey and benefit from its experience in development reforms, saying, "Our priority is bureaucratic reformation."      

"We would like to learn how Turkey achieved such a growth and development and even attracted foreign capital and investment. We have a lot to learn from Turkey's projects and studies in areas related to service sector, civil servants, contract employees and means of savings," he said.      

Minister Abukar also conveyed his gratitude for Turkey's help to Indonesia in tsunami disaster of 2004.  


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