Severance pay will not be cut says minister

Turkey's labor minister denies employees compensation money will be cut but accepts reforms need to be made.

Severance pay will not be cut says minister

In an attempt to put an end to speculation about whether Turkish government will cut severance pay Turkey's Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Celik has said "no one in the government made such an announcent" before entering a meeting about severance pay reform.

As it stands currently, if an employee loses their job and they have worked over a year they are entitled to severance pay of one months' salary for every year they have worked.  Therefore, if a worker, getting 1,000 Turkish Liras a month,  loses their job after twenty years, through no fault of their own, they are entitled to 20,000 TL severance pay from their employer.

Withın the current system, there has been some criticism that some disreputable employers illegally keep this entitlement from their employees. The government is aiming to clamp down on these practices by setting up a government control fund to supervise the distribution of the money.


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