Trading volume will reach 50 billion USD with China

Head of Turkish Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Volkan Bozkir said that trading volume with China would reach 50 billion USD by 2015 and 100 billion USD by 2020.

Trading volume will reach 50 billion USD with China
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Chairperson of Turkish Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Volkan Bozkir said that mutual trading volume with China would reach 50 billion USD by 2015 and 100 billion USD by 2020, adding that no problem is expected in targeting this volume. 

Bozkir visited China as a guest of National People's Congress of China and spoke to Anadolu Agency about his meetings in the country.

Stating that he met with Deputy Chairman of Permanent Council of the Congress Erkin Emirvaki in Beijing, the first chapter of his visit in China, Bozkir said they talked over both Turkish-Chinese relations and progress of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region's development. 

Bozkir also stated to have met with Vice-president of the Congress Zhong Yang in Shanghai during the visit.

Underlining the trading volume with China reached 24 billion USD in 2012, Bozkir said, according to the first six months' data, the bilateral trading is expected to reach 30 billion USD at the end of 2013.

China is not  just a commercial partner of us; we are trying to enhance variety of our joint projects with China, added Bozkir.

Noting that Turkey and China had same perspective over many international problems in the world, Bozkir said, "We have had a chance of exchanging ideas over both our region and international issues during the visit."

China will provide contribution in Syrian issue if a political solution appears, and China is against a military intervention in Syria, said Bozkir. 

Noting that in case of a deadlock in Syrian issue, peace and stability of not only Turkey but also countries in Middle East might fall into danger, Bozkir said he conveyed the importance of the issue to China.

Volkan Bozkir said that China also followed the Syrian issue with deep concern, and added that Turkey and China agreed to sustain dialogue and negotiations over Syrian issue.

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