Turkey gives BMC company a new deadline

BMC, the company which produced mine-resistant vehicles for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has not been able to deliver the ordered vehicles after a year and a half has passed. The Ministry of Defense has given the company a one-month period.

Turkey gives BMC company a new deadline

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The head of the Motor Vehicles Department of the Defense Industries Undersecretary, Levent Senel, stated that the BMC company still has to deliver the order for 175 Kirpis (or “Hedgehogs,” mine resistant vehicles for protection against ambushes) and 105 2.5-ton trucks. 

“We conveyed that we will not be able to wait long. In a month, if they’vre solved it, they’ve solved it. If it’s not solved, we the Armed Forces will have to go elsewhere for the supply,” he stated.

Reminding that he signed the purchase contract, Levent Senel clarified that the delivery of the 5- and 10-ton trucks had been completed.

Explaining that the inconvenience related to the delivery of vehicles resulted from the financial mismanagement of BMC, Senel said, “So there is no sensible explanation. There is still the potential to place more orders for such tools, but when things are poorly managed financially, you confront such problems."

"We have been waiting for the completion of the Hedgehogs for about 1.5 years. This project was supposed to be finished 1.5 years ago... I mean, if we were to lose someone in a mine attack, it would be hardship for everyone in question, from us as the procurement authority to BMC and everyone else involved in the situation.”

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