Turkish truckers eye sea route to avoid delays in Iran

Turkish carriers plan to cross near 25 thousand vehicles a year over Caspian Sea with ferryboats and Ro-Ro ships

Turkish truckers eye sea route to avoid delays in Iran
World Bulletin / News Desk
 Turkish transport companies are considering alternative ways to cross the Caspian Sea to avoid delays on the route across Iran, a trade organization official said on Tuesday.

The use of ferry boats and Ro-Ro ships would cut voyage time significantly, the CEO of Turkey’s International Transporters Association Fatih Şener said in an exclusive interview with AA.

There are plans to carry nearly 25 thousand trucks a year over the Caspian Sea with ferryboats and Ro-Ro ships from the newly constructed Alat port of Azarbaijan to Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbasi port.

“As soon as Azerbaijan’s ferryboats and Turkmenistan’s newly purchased Ro-Ro ships come into play, annual capacity will reach 25 to 30 thousand vehicles a year,” Sener said.

“As long as the difficulties in Iran customs continue, we should seek alternative routes. The Caspian Sea is the most important choice. This will considerably shorten voyage time and reduce the costs.”

Transit fees for trucks have recently become a sticking point between Turkey and its neighbor. Recently, Ankara increased transit fees for Iranian trucks when Tehran hiked its own rates for Turkish trucks. Iranian customs also started to delay Turkish trucks, which carry exports to Central Asia.

“Both Azerbaijan authorities and our organization attach considerable importance to this issue. Historically, countries crossed by trade routes have become wealthy. Azerbaijan wants to be one of these trade corridors,” Sener said.

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