Violence ends sheep graze

With solution to Kurdish issue in sight, livestock industry hopeful for business revival

Violence ends sheep graze

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Nearly three decades of conflict between the Turkish military and terrorist group PKK has killed tens of thousands of people, forced many more to leave their homes and shattered social and economic structures and livelihoods including livestock breeding in east and southeast Turkey.      

But now with prospects for settling the 29-year-old dispute brightened, stock breeders in eastern Turkey have their hopes up again to take their animals to highland pastures and meadows, traditional breeding areas which have been forbidden due to security reasons for years.      

Turkish authorities have only recently allowed breeders to climb up to summer ranges after PKK announced a ceasefire last month as part of talks between Turkish intelligence officials and the group's jailed leader, Abdullah Ocalan who has called PKK's armed elements to withdraw from Turkey, with an aim to find a permanent settlement to dispute.      

"There are currently 4 million sheep and goats in eastern Turkey and I believe the number will go up well over 10 million. Highland pastures here are very generous," Cemal Yildirim, head of a local sheep bredeers' association, told the Anadolu Agency.

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