Yemeni capital suffers from lack of fuel and oil

Long queues at public petrol stations in Sana'a, as private stations have little fuel to oil to sell

Yemeni capital suffers from lack of fuel and oil

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The Yemeni capital of Sana'a has suffered from a lack of gas and fuel oil over the last three days, leading to long queues at private petrol stations, traffic jams and quarrels between drivers and security officials.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Yemeni Head of Directorate General for Oil Ghassan ash-Sharmani blamed private gas stations for the crisis.

"Private stations are not paying on time for the gas that they have received, thus we cannot resupply them with oil. This causes long queues at public petrol stations," Ghassan said.

Lack of fuel oil also affects Yemeni homes as oil powers most of the generators in the country, necessary to maintain electricity during the frequent power outages.

Private drivers as well as taxis are suffering as they cannot find gas. Abdul-Wassah al-Gabri, a taxi driver waiting at a petrol station in Sana'a, told AA, "I have been waiting in line for 6 hours. My daily take has significantly decreased."

Shopkeepers have also seen profits fall as their businesses suffer from increased power outages.

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