3D-printed gun parts seized in UK raid

Detective Inspector warns that criminal gangs could use 3D printers to produce less detectable plastic firearms.

3D-printed gun parts seized in UK raid

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Police have seized component parts for the first ever 3D gun to be found in the UK since the advent of 3D printers.

Greater Manchester police were conducting searches when they discovered a 3D printer and what they suspect to be a 3D magazine and trigger, which could be put together to make a gun.

The printers can be bought for as little as £1200 from a high street store. 3D printers allow anyone to download designs from the internet and, in theory, assemble a gun. The printers squirt molten plastic to produce 3D shapes of whatever design has been downloaded.

The technology is already available in the US where people have produced 3D printer-made guns and posted videos on youtube.

Detective Inspector Chris Mossop of Challenger's Organised Crime Coordination Unit said, "This is a really significant discovery for Greater Manchester Police."

The police arrested one man suspected of making gunpowder while forensic teams examine the parts to establish if they could construct a viable firearm.

Detective Inspector Chris Mossop warned that criminal gangs could use printers to produce firearms which pose a risk “Because they are also plastic and can avoid X-ray detection, it makes them easy to conceal and smuggle."

“"If what we have seized today can, as we suspect, be used to make a genuine firearm, then today will be an important milestone in the fight against this next generation of homemade weapons,” he said.

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