42 percent of French against publishing Prophet cartoons

French Institute of Public Opinion poll says almost half of French against publishing cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad.

42 percent of French against publishing Prophet cartoons

World Bulletin/News Desk

Almost half of French nationals believe cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad should not be published, according to a French Institute of Public Opinion poll published Sunday.

The survey comes more than a week after attacks in France left 17 people dead and led to rising Islamophobia, intolerance and attacks against Muslims and mosques across the country.

Here is a summary of some of the most important findings of the poll that surveyed 1,003 French adults on Jan. 16-17:

- 42 percent believe cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad, seen as offensive by many Muslims, should not be published.

- 57 percent believe reactions of "Muslims who felt hurt and attacked by the publication of cartoons" resembling Prophet Muhammad should not be taken into account. 

- 50 percent are in favor of "limiting freedom of expression on the internet and social media networks."

- 81 percent said "French citizenship of those with dual nationality who are convicted of terrorism on French soil should be forfeited."

- 68 percent want government to "ban the return of French nationals suspected of joining terror groups." 

- Also, 68 percent believe "French nationals suspected of wanting to travel to countries controlled by terror groups should be expelled from France."


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