Albanian children face racist bullying at UK schools: Ambassador

Reinforcing negative stereotypes over time only serves to foster discrimination and racism, says Qirjako Qirko.

Albanian children face racist bullying at UK schools: Ambassador

Albanian children in Britain are subject to "racist bullying" in local schools due to the debate over migrant arrivals by small boats, according to Albania’s ambassador to the UK.

Speaking amid a rise in anti-Albanian rhetoric by media and politicians, Qirjako Qirko called for an end to this "campaign of discrimination," according to media reports.

Appearing before the British Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee on Wednesday, Qirjako Qirko warned MPs against "reinforcing negative stereotypes" about people from Albania, Sky News reported.

"This kind of activity should stop as soon as possible because there are people especially youngsters who are bullied in their schools only because they are Albanians," said Qirko.

According to figures, Albanians make up over a third of the 33,000 Channel migrants who arrived in the UK in the first nine months of 2022.

Saying that among more than 100,000 Albanians living in the UK are doctors, lawyers and engineers, Qirko stated that reinforcing negative stereotypes over a prolonged time only serves to foster "discrimination and racism."

His comments followed Home Secretary Suella Braverman's comment last month when she used term "Albanian criminals" in Parliament.