Amnesty slams EU court's hijab ruling

Amnesty International cries foul after EU Court of Justice justifies employers banning Islamic headscarves

Amnesty  slams EU court's hijab ruling

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 Amnesty International (AI) on Tuesday criticized a ruling by the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) that says employers can prevent their workers from wearing religious symbols, including Islamic headscarves.

The ruling “give greater leeway to employers to discriminate against women -- and men -- on the grounds of religious belief,” according to the rights group.

AI urged nations states to react against the decision.

Tuesday's ruling comes in response to appeals courts in Belgium and France calling on ECJ after two cases of Muslim women fired for wearing the headscarf, or hijab.

Samira Achbita took action after she was removed in 2006 as a receptionist at the G4S security company in Belgium.

In the second case, French IT firm Micropole dismissed Asma Bougnaoui in 2008.


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