Anti-migrant party in front in Slovenia election

With virtually all the votes counted, Jansa's SDS has secured just under 25 percent -- giving it 25 seats in the 90-seat assembly -- and the "anti-establishment" LMS party of comedian-turned-politician Marjan Sarec has placed second with 12.7 percent and 13 seats, the State Election Commission said.

Anti-migrant party in front in Slovenia election

World Bulletin / News Desk

Slovenia faces tense political wrangling Monday after the party of veteran leader Janez Jansa, who invoked the spectre of a migrant invasion on the campaign trail, came out on top in elections but fell far short of a majority.

During the campaign, Jansa made common cause with fellow right-wing firebrand Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and effectively evoked memories of more than 500,000 migrants who crossed Slovenia in late 2015 and early 2016 -- although all except a handful of them continued on to northern Europe.

In a televised statement on Sunday evening, delivered with little triumphalism, the 59-year-old Jansa said his Slovenian Democratic Party's "door for talks and coalitions is open" to all other parties.

"We are ready to start serious talks based on the programme we have been working hard on," he said.

He reiterated his anti-migrant position saying migration was "the most serious challenge according to most Europeans".

The only party which has so far said it would work with Jansa, the centre-right Nova Slovenija, has won just 7.1 percent and seven seats, leaving the two parties short of the 46 needed for a majority.

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