Assad requests military aid, Russia agrees

Russia has given the go ahead for the use of the military in Syria however it is seen as the fanning of flames in the war torn region by many

Assad requests military aid, Russia agrees

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Russia's upper house of parliament on Wednesday debated the use of force abroad, have now given a unanimous formal consent for President Putin to use Russian military in Syria.

Consent was necessary for deployment of troops for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asked Russia's Vladimir Putin for military aid, the Kremlin's chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said.

Assad "has appealed to the leadership of our country with a request for military aid," Ivanov said after Russian senators gave their unanimous approval to allow the armed forces to carry out air strikes in Syria.

Previously, Russia provided the Syrian government with advanced weapons and military instructors to teach the Syrians how to use them.

This latest development comes after Moscow has intensified involvement in Syria, establishing an Iraqi-based military communications center with Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran.

Also, the arrival of four multipurpose warplanes at an airfield near Latakia, Syria, on Monday brought the number of tactical jets that Moscow has deployed to Syria this month to 32. They further enhanced Russia’s ability to carry out airstrikes that experts say can give Syrian government forces a badly needed boost on the battlefield.

With military now available to boost the Syrian forces, the next step remains as to whether there will shared intelligence - if so, this could lead to an escalation in the conflict, further antagonizing dwindling hopes for a diplomatic resolution and prompting Arab governments to increase aid to Syrian rebels.


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