Brexit: UK ministers found in contempt of parliament

Vote of 311-293 in favor of motion finds government in contempt over failure to publish full legal advice on Brexit

Brexit: UK ministers found in contempt of parliament

The U.K. ministers have been found in contempt of parliament over their failure to publish its full legal advice on the draft withdrawal agreement signed with the EU. 

A vote of 311-293 in favor of the motion find the government in contempt of parliament over its failure to comply with an earlier motion in November that ordered it to publish its full Brexit legal advice. 

Andrea Leadsome, the leader of the House of Commons, has said that the government would accept the result and publish the advice in full on Wednesday. 

The government had previously published a summary of its legal advice, a move that was heavily criticized by MPs and led to the launch of contempt proceedings by six opposition parties. 

On Tuesday, representatives from the Labour party, the Liberal Democratic party, the SNP, the DUP, the Green party and the Welsh Plaid Cymru party has written a joint letter to the speaker of the House of Commons calling for action to be taken against the government. 

The vote on the motion to find ministers in contempt of parliament is said to be a precursor on how MPs will vote on the government’s Brexit deal next week. 

The “Meaningful Vote” on May’s Brexit deal is to take place on December 11th and is said to be the most important and historic vote to take place in parliament since the end of the Second World War.