British army killed civilians in Northern Ireland

BBC's Panorama has revealed that the British army was responsible for the death of hundreds of civilians in Belfast 40 years ago.

British army killed civilians in Northern Ireland

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Scandal has gripped the United Kingdom after former soldiers belonging to the Military Reaction Force (MRF), which was based in Northern Ireland until it was disbanded in 1973, told BBC’s Panorama that they had been instructed to kill suspected IRA members.

The MRF consisted of about 40 specially picked soldiers from the British army, who would roam the streets of Belfast in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles.

Speaking on terms of anonymity, three former MRF soldiers admitted that they were oftendisguised as road sweepers, but would actually be keeping a watch out for IRA suspects. One of the soldiers even said, "if they (IRA suspects) needed shooting, they'd be shot".

Defending their actions, one of the soldiers said that they were only targeting known killers, but others also admitted to shooting and killing unarmed civilians.

The program revealed the names of ten unarmed civilians who were killed by the MRF, with their loved ones still looking for justice forty years later.

The Historical Enquiries Team, which was set up following the peace process, has so far found 11% of the 3,260 deaths that occurred in Northern Ireland were carried out by the state.

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